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With its custom configurations available upon request, this server provides flexibility to meet your specific needs. Priced at $260.84, it has received a product rating of 4.8 out of 5 and has garnered positive reviews from 37 customers.

I recently purchased the Dell PowerEdge R720 Server for my home VMware farm project. As someone who is between jobs, I needed a reliable server at an affordable price. I was impressed with how well-protected the server was upon arrival, thanks to the excellent packaging. Setting up the server with VMware ESXi was a breeze, and its ample memory capacity allowed me to run multiple virtual servers without any issues.

However, I did encounter a minor setback on the second day when the server experienced a memory issue and got stuck during the boot process. After troubleshooting, I discovered that reseating the memory resolved the problem. Since then, the server has been running smoothly for about three days and has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance.

High-Quality Renewed Server for Robust Enterprise Environments

Dell PowerEdge R720 Server

The Dell PowerEdge R720 Server 2X E5-2690 2 is available for purchase.90Ghz 16-Core 192GB H710 (Renewed) is a top-notch server that meets the highest quality standards. This renewed server is ideal for robust enterprise environments or data centers. Whether you’re running virtual machines or handling heavy workloads, this server is designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.With its powerful specifications, including the 16-core Intel Xeon E5-2690 processor, 192GB of memory, and H710 RAID controller, this server can handle demanding tasks with ease. It also comes with all the necessary components, including power cords and other detailed parts, making it ready to use out of the box.Custom configurations are also available upon request, allowing you to tailor the server to your specific needs. Whether you require additional storage, more memory, or specific networking capabilities, this server can be customized to meet your requirements.

Positive Customer Reviews Highlighting Value and Performance

Dell PowerEdge R720 Server

Satisfied customers have given the Dell PowerEdge R720 Server rave reviews, impressed with its value and performance. Users have praised its ability to run VMware ESXi smoothly, allowing them to create virtualized environments and run multiple virtual servers.Customers have also appreciated the server’s reliability and durability. The well-protected packaging ensures that the server arrives in excellent condition, and the prompt delivery ensures a seamless experience for customers. In case of any questions or issues, the support team has been commended for their quick and helpful responses, going the extra mile to assist customers.Another notable aspect mentioned by customers is the great value offered by this server. At an affordable price, users have been able to acquire a high-quality server that meets their needs without breaking the bank. Overall, the positive customer reviews highlight the excellent value, performance, and service provided by the Dell PowerEdge R720 Server.

Dell PowerEdge R720 Server: Ample Room for Expansion and Customization

Dell PowerEdge R720 Server

Accommodate your growing needs with the ample room for expansion and customization offered by the Dell PowerEdge R720 Server. With 24 DDR3 memory sockets, only half of which are currently occupied, there is plenty of room for future memory upgrades.Additionally, the server’s 8 drive bays provide ample storage space for your data. It is worth noting that in this specific listing, all 8 drive bays are usable and available for drives. This is not the case with all R720 models, as some may have dummy slots that are not usable for drives.While the server comes with four drive caddies, customers should be aware that additional caddies and screws may be required to fully utilize the remaining four drive bays. This minor detail should be taken into consideration when planning your storage requirements.

Dell PowerEdge R720 Server: Real-Life Applications Highlighting Versatility

Dell PowerEdge R720 Server

The Dell PowerEdge R720 Server has been found useful in various real-life applications by customers. From creating a VMware farm at home to using it as a hypervisor node in a lab’s Proxmox cluster, this server has proven its versatility and adaptability.One customer has even used this server for IPTV streaming, demonstrating its ability to handle media-intensive tasks. The positive experiences shared by customers showcase the server’s ability to meet a wide range of needs and applications, making it a versatile solution for different scenarios.

Attention to Detail and Excellent Customer Service

Dell PowerEdge R720 Server

The seller of the Dell PowerEdge R720 Server has provided excellent customer service and attention to detail, appreciated by customers. The server arrives in pristine condition, well-packed, and free from dust or scratches. This attention to detail ensures that customers receive a server that meets their expectations.In case of any queries or issues, the support team has been praised for their prompt and helpful responses. Customers have experienced a high level of assistance, with the support team going above and beyond to resolve any concerns.Furthermore, one customer shared a positive experience of having a faulty motherboard replaced promptly and conveniently. The company’s willingness to exchange the server and the overall polite and helpful attitude of the staff demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Important Consideration for Drive Bay Form Factor

When ordering the Dell PowerEdge R720 Server, it is important to consider the drive bay form factor. This specific model comes with 2.5″ drive bays, which may not meet the requirements of those seeking 3.5″ drive bays.One customer shared their experience of mistakenly ordering the wrong form factor and advised others to double-check the description before making a purchase. This serves as a reminder to ensure that the server meets your specific needs and requirements, avoiding any costly mistakes.In summary, the Dell PowerEdge R720 Server is a high-quality, renewed server that excels in robust enterprise environments. It offers excellent value, performance, and customization options, making it a versatile solution for various applications. With attention to detail and excellent customer service, this server provides a reliable and efficient solution for your business needs.


  • Renewed server with the highest quality standards.
  • Ideal for a robust enterprise environment or data center.
  • Custom configurations available upon request.


  • Memory issue reported by one customer.
  • Only four drive caddies included, additional caddies need to be purchased separately.
  • One customer received a server with old thermal paste.

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In conclusion, the Dell PowerEdge R720 Server has proven to be a great investment for my home VMware farm. It offers exceptional value for the price, and its performance has been reliable and efficient. The server arrived as described, and the customer service provided by the seller was prompt and helpful. While there were some minor hiccups with the memory, overall, I am highly satisfied with this product. I would recommend the Dell PowerEdge R720 Server to anyone in need of a capable server for their enterprise environment or data center.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the server in good condition upon arrival?

Answer: Yes, the server is well protected in its box and arrives in excellent condition.

Question: Can the server run multiple virtual servers?

Answer: Yes, the server runs VMWare ESXi beautifully and has plenty of memory to support multiple virtual servers.

Question: Are there any additional features or licenses included?

Answer: Some servers come with an iDrac Enterprise license, but it may vary from unit to unit. It’s best to check the product description for specific details.